The International documentary film festival about archaeology, cultural and historic heritage, monument protection and anthropology – MFAF was first held in 2010. This biennial festival was launched with the aim of presenting cultural heritage and archaeology topics within European and World heritage, and of raising awareness of the wider audience for our own cultural heritage. Not only does it promote topics and sites beyond our national borders, but a special emphasis is put on UNESCO sites in Croatia.

It is also a great opportunity for promoting Croatian documentary (archaeology) film production beyond national borders on the way towards European archaeology film festivals. The existence of such a festival and its ever increasing audience justify the need for filming archaeological research and study, and serve as an incentive for turning interesting discoveries into film productions.


Since its beginning in 2010, the International Archaeology Film Festival has been added to the city’s festival list, bringing Split as host city and the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments as organizer, closer to cities that have for more than two decades been organizing similar festivals in Europe and beyond.

This unique festival in Croatia by its topic, MFAF is also special for its venue. The film program takes place in the central exhibition hall of the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, among archaeological displays, and with high quality sound and image reproduction. The festival program consists of films in competition and the accompanying program, presenting the latest European and Croatian museums and their projects. Films compete for one of the three awards of the International Jury as well as for the Audience Award. Entry is free and all films have Croatian subtitles.